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Join us! We would love your help at the farm, our community and school gardens, or our office. We are eager to find people with specialized skills like carpentry. Even if you have no gardening or farming experience, we can use your help if you have enthusiasm for Green Village Initiative and our mission.

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Farm and Garden Volunteer Guidelines

You can also download this PDF for this and other information and our photo opt-out forms.

We ask that farm and garden volunteers:

  • Wear heavy-soled, closed-toe shoes, plenty of sunscreen, and farm-appropriate clothing (like long pants), and bring extra sunscreen, any snacks or lunch they may want, and a refillable water bottle.
  • Wear layers in the spring and fall, as the day can start out cool and end hot.
  • Be aware that we have beehives at many of our sites; volunteers who are allergic to bees should bring an Epi-pen or appropriate medication in case they get stung.
  • If your group includes youth high-school age or younger, we require a ratio of one adult chaperone for every 5 youth; the adult chaperones are required to work alongside the youth throughout the volunteer time.

Please print out and complete the appropriate photo opt-out forms in this PDF if you or any volunteer or visitor in your group does not wish to appear in GVI photos. Please bring any signed photo opt-out forms with you on your volunteer day.