Green Village Initiative, in partnership with the Bridgeport Office of Planning and Economic Development and the Bridgeport Food Policy Council, hired Planning Interface and Al Manna consultants to create an urban agriculture master plan for the city of Bridgeport.  We believe that urban agriculture is a platform for economic development opportunities and a key component of a just food system in Bridgeport.

We’ve created a draft of our implementation plan/matrix for our master plan:


The primary goals of the Urban Agriculture Master Plan are: 

1. To develop a community-driven, collective vision for urban agriculture in the city based on a detailed assessment of needs, interests, and barriers.

2. To establish actionable policy recommendations based on a common community vision for implementation.

3. To utilize urban agriculture to promote economic development and revitalize Bridgeport neighborhoods, and to identify unintended consequences such as displacement of communities, gardens, or farms.

4. To protect land tenure of urban farms and gardens in the city and identify processes to establish new farm and garden sites.


Progress and Next Steps:

Planning began in April 2018, anticipated completion is November 2018.

Throughout the process, there will be several opportunities for folks to get involved. To know more about how to get involved or to offer input, please contact the Susmitha Attota of Planning Interface at susmitha@planninginterface.com OR Cristina Sandolo of Green Village Initiative at cristina@gogvi.org.   Please also feel free to reach out to GVI by phone with any questions or for input: 203-612-4107..

La Iniciativa Green Village (Green Village Initiative), en colaboración con la Oficina de Planificación y Desarrollo Económico y con el Consejo de Política Alimentaria, ha contratado Planning Interface y Al Manna Consulting para crear un Plan Director de Agricultura Urbana para Bridgeport. La ciudad usará las recomendaciones del Plan para crear políticas para el uso de terreno en Bridgeport. Estas políticas se usarán en la creación del Plan Director de Conservación y Desarrollo. ¡Necesitamos sus opiniones para ayudarnos crear una visión para la agricultura urbana en nuestra comunidad!

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