Green Village Initiative in partnership with the Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport is excited to announce that we have been selected as a recipient of a Harvard Pilgrim Healthy Food Fund Foundation grant!

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The Healthy Food Fund Foundation is an initiative by Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare designed to help improve the health of our communities through fresh, healthy food. GVI has teamed up with the CCGB to offer a series of gardening, cooking and nutrition workshops, along with other opportunities and resources that we will be rolling out over the next three years. Thanks to Harvard Pilgrim and our community partners here in Bridgeport, now is a great time to become involved with GVI’s community gardens!

Click here to learn more about our workshop series and how to register as a community gardener!

Congratulations to the City of Bridgeport for winning the
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health prize!

Green Village Initiative is proud to be a partner with Bridgeport, and part of celebrating the city going green.
Click here or read below to hear from one of our Youth Leadership Program interns, 
as featured in the full story by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Three years ago, Angel Torres-Sosa avoided the menacing, vacant lot around the corner from his Bridgeport, Conn., home. The neglected area in the Reservoir neighborhood was smothered with weeds and trash.

Today, however, the 16-year-old spends every day he can there. The site has been transformed into the Reservoir Community Farm, a bountiful urban site run by a nonprofit on city land and staffed by 20 local youth interns. Torres-Sosa tends to vegetable beds, sells produce at a farm stand, takes school classes on guided tours and even offers customers advice on preparing kale or collard greens. In the meantime, he and his peers are racking up the skills and knowledge to be community leaders.

“People from the neighborhood spend the day here to relax and to tend to their community garden beds. It is a peaceful gathering place,” says Cristina Sandolo, executive director of the Green Village Initiative, which runs the farm.